Why partner with OrgXo?

We enable Consulting and Training firms to shorten time to value in organizational transformation projects. With OrgXO, you get a comprehensive understanding of your clients’ collaboration patterns, spot bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and clusters of collaboration. So you can target your interventions with precision.
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Go beyond organizational charts and make data-informed recommendations

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Easily spot hidden collaboration and information flow patterns

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Generate new revenue streams with our revenue-share business model


What our customers and partners say

"The rapid evolution, the organic growth, the acquisition of companies and the expansion of Superbet to other territories, made it difficult to keep track of how the organization operates as a whole. ​OrgXO was instrumental in capturing the organization’s nervous system, how collaboration happens in reality, beyond the formal structures and hierarchies. ​OrgXO is a must in any successful transformation initiative." Read more

Sacha Dragic

Founder and Executive Chairman, SUPERBET

OrgXO manages to bring something new and extremely useful to organizations. It shows us the true complexity of the networks we work in and provides us with highly relevant information about our network's effectiveness, vulnerabilities and who the key people in the organization are. OrgXo will become an important tool for us in organizational culture change projects in various organizations, as a generator of insights and a deeper understanding of internal dynamics. Read more

Andrei Ristea


"I highly recommend the OrgXO experience to those interested in learning in detail how they can continuously improve their organizational performance without compromise, while increasing the level of trust, quality and value of the people in the organization. " Read more

Ștefan Ponea

Founder & CEO, Mateco

"OrgXO is a very reliable tool to diagnose internal collaboration and, therefore, I highly recommend it to all those interested in increasing organizational performance, including most of our portfolio companies." Read more

Alexandru Voicu

CEO, SAI Certinvest

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